Supreme Court rules in favour of dance bars in Mumbai

In a recent hearing, the Supreme Court ruled its decision in favour of the dance bars and allowed them their opening in Mumbai along with Maharashtra. However, they have set a few conditions


For the past several years, the dance bars across Maharashtra were shut down after the state government ordered the same. However, almost after a decade, the dance bars in Mumbai will be opened as the Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the dance bars.

While this is a good news for bar owners, the apex court has also laid down some terms and conditions for these dance bars to function.

In 2005, the then Home Minister R.R. Patil had ordered the shutdown of the dance bars. After which, the bar owners approached the High Court and demanded the decision taken by the state government to be cancelled. In 2013, the Supreme Court struck down the government's petition to ban the dance bars and said that the women in the bar too have the right to earn income.

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However, the state government amended the direct law to ban dance bars. But the Supreme Court stayed the repeal of the law. The court had reserved the judgment against this.

On January 17, Thursday, during the hearing of the case of the ban on dance bars, the Supreme Court gave a decision and permitted the dance bars to run their business, and so they will be once again opened in Mumbai after the span of 10 years.

Adding to the same, the SC has also stated that the dance bars will be able to run their business only between 6:00 pm and 11.30 pm and the dancers will have no permission to do any objectionable performances. Further, the customers can offer tips to the dancers, but they cannot throw money at them.

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