List of containment zones or red zones in Ward H West - Bandra West, Khar West, Santacruz West

This list of containment zones or red zones in is released by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and was last updated on June 1, 2020

List of containment zones or red zones in Ward H West - Bandra West, Khar West, Santacruz West

The number of coronavirus cases in Mumbai has seen an increase with every passing day. Keeping the same in mind, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has sealed a number of buildings in Mumbai.

Here's a list of containment zones or red zones in Bandra West, Khar West, Santacruz West (Ward H West) - Update as of June 1, 2020

  • HW 167 400050 Slaughter House Compound,Maharashtra Road,Slaughter House Compound,Bandra (West)
  • HW 168 400050 Madamwadi Chawl,Madhavrao Sawant Road,Madamwadi Chawl,Bandra (West)
  • HW 169 400050 Rajiv Nagar,Bazar Road,Rajiv Nagar,Bandra (West)
  • HW 170 400050 Shripat Singh Chawl,Kadeshwari Mandir Road,Shripat Singh Chawl,Bandra (West)
  • HW 171 400050 Pandit Din Dayal Chawl,St John Baptist Road,Pandit Din Dayal Chawl,Bandra (West)
  • HW 172 400050 Mahikbhai Chawl,Kadeshwari Mandir Marg Bandra W,Mahikbhia Chawl,Bandra (West)
  • HW 173 400050 Chinchwadi,29Th And Waterfield Road Junction,Chinchwadi,Bandra (West)
  • HW 174 400050 Rahul Nagar No-1, K C Marg,Rahul Nagar,Bandra (West)
  • HW 175 400050 Rathod Chawl,Rebello Road,Bandra (West)
  • HW 176 400050 Kashiram Kolte Chawl,Mount Mary Steps,Bandra (West)
  • HW 177 400050 Mahadev Birje Chawl,Dr Ambedkar Road,Mahadev Birje Chawl,Bandra (West)
  • HW 178 400050 D'Mello House,Chimbai Road,Chimbai,Bandra (West)
  • HW 179 400050 Nityanand Nagar,K.C. Marg,Nityanand Nagar,Bandra (West)
  • HW 180 400050 Chawl Behind Behind Little Angel School,Dr Ambedkar Road,Pali Pathar,Bandra (West)
  • HW 181 400050 Pimpleshwar Wadi Dmello Chawl,Dr Peter Dais Road,Dmello Chawl,Bandra (West)
  • HW 182 400050 78 Transit Camp,K.C. Marg,78 Transit Camp,Bandra (West)
  • HW 183 400050 Jaffar Baba Clolony, Near Mount Mary Church,Jaffar Baba Clolony,Bandra (West)
  • HW 184 400050 G D Chavan House, Near Ganesh Mandir,Kadeshwari Mandir Marg,G D Chavan House, Near Ganesh Mandir,Bandra (West)
  • HW 185 400050 Meher Villa Chimbai,Perry Cross Road,Meher Villa Chimbai,Bandra (West)
  • HW 186 400050 Old Kantwadi Opposite Dhaval Ganga,Carter Road,Old Kantwadi,Bandra (West)
  • HW 187 400050 Pandurang Chawl Near Mount Mary Steps,St. John Bapist Road,Pandurang Chawl,Bandra (West)
  • HW 188 400050 Indiraji Nagar,Bazar Road,Indiraji Nagar Next To Highland Court Building,Bandra (West)
  • HW 189 400052 Khar Danda,Ram Mandir Road,Khar Danda,Khar (West)
  • HW 190 400052 Janabai Ghadge Chawl, Mohite Chawl,
  • Gamre Chawl,Marchande Chawl,Dr Ambedkar Road,Janabai Ghadge Chawl, Mohite Chawl,Gamre Chawl,Marchande Chawl,Khar (W)
  • HW 191 400052 Chuim Village,Ambedkar Road,Chuim Village,Khar (W)
  • HW 192 400054 Gazdharbandh,S B Patil Marg,Gazdharbandh,Santacruz (West)
  • HW 193 400054 Piraji Shinde Chawl, Fatima Chawl,Kamble Chawl,Sv Road,Khotwadi,Santacruz (West)
  • HW 194 400054 Navjivan Rahivashi Sangh,Linking Road Extension,Near Hindu Cementary,Santacruz (West)

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(Note: More information regarding the containment zones, isolation centres and more is available on the MCGM website here)

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