Won’t let milk supply affect Mumbai: Dairy Development Minister Mahadev Jankar

Kolhapur District Milk Corporative, Gokul, has backed SSS president in his agitation against the government

Won’t let milk supply affect Mumbai: Dairy Development Minister Mahadev Jankar

Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghtana’s (SSS) protest took a violent turn on Sunday, and as this happened, Minister for Dairy Development Mahadev Jankar lashed out at the protesters backing Lok Sabha MP and SSS president Raju Shetti’s agitation.

Earlier, SSS activists damaged a milk tanker going to Nagpur in Warud tehsil and seized the milk. However, the agitation has already started, from Sunday night, with the demand to increase the selling price of milk for farmers.

Gokul milk corporation, based in Kolhapur district, has officially decided to support Shetti in his agitation and the protest has huge support from other Milk Manufacturers across Maharashtra. Claiming it to be Shetti’s political protest, Jankar slammed the outfits protesting and said that the government will take action against those involved in this agitation.

Jankar has also sought protection for the milk tankers and informed that Mumbai has enough supplies to last for 10 days without further milk supply. Also, the police have issued a notice against 25 SSS agitators in Kolhapur district and has taken them into custody. 

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Assuring commoners in Mumbai, Jankar said that he will not let the milk supply get affected due to the agitation. Meanwhile, Shetti has appealed to the protesters to press their demands against the government, peacefully.

Ahead of the SSS agitation, earlier, the state milk federation hiked the selling price of milk by ₹3 and announced that the amount will be transferred directly to farmer’s bank accounts. Dissatisfied with the same, Shetti decided to go ahead with the protest.

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