Good news for the patients in Mumbai! Medical costs to decline soon!

Good news for the patients in Mumbai! Medical costs to decline soon!

Be it a CT scan or a different kind of test, the people in Mumbai, somehow or the other end up paying a heavy price for all these tests. Hence, taking this predicament of the people of Mumbai into consideration, the central government has now called the shots to bring the entire process in control. The central government has written a letter to the entire state government asking them to furnish all the information ranging to the particulars of the amenities present in the labs, to the fee that is charged for running different tests.

Member of Maharashtra Medical Council Dr. Shivakumar told Mumbai Live that getting all the required information what the central government wants is to implement uniform rate in all the state so as to ensure that the people are not deceived in the name medical checkups.

On the other hand, medical expert Dr. Utture says that as much as this intent and the measure taken by the government is rightful, it will be as tricky to implement it. Every doctor uses a different kind of machine hence some doctors may have new machines, whereas some may be using old ones. He added that instead of implementing uniform rates, the government should be implementing rates based on different categories of equipments that are being used.

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