Sewri’s Darukhana slums lacks basic facilities, thanks to BPT

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    Residents living at Reay Road’s Darukhana slums are living in a mess. They lack basic facilities such as toilets due to which these residents relieve themselves on the streets. Apart from unhygienic conditions, they steal electricity as they don't have a legal electric connection. Not only electricity but they also steal water from the adjoining pipeline. These slums are on BPT land. However, BPT says that it is not their but BMCs responsibility.

    “As we get no water connection, we have to pay for the same,” said Mohammed Sheikh, resident. Another resident said that she had come from Dombivali to Reay road and have been living since 15 years but she doesn't consider her as a part of Mumbai. “Darukhana is 40- 50 years old. When I came here after getting married, I thought Reay road comes in Mumbai but we have no water connection, no electricity. Now I feel that Dombivali was better than Reay road,” said Preeti Shenoy, resident.

    Meanwhile, RTI activist Kamlakar Shenoy said that there are no street lights, toilets or proper roads. “All politicians come and assure of bringing about a change but no one takes responsibility. I went to Sewri police station to complain but I was told to go BPT or BMC and complain,” he said.

    However, BPT officials are passing the buck to PRO while the latter is passing the buck to estate manager. But the estate manager is not saying anything. However, in all this mess, the hutments are suffering due to the lackadaisical attitude.

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