118 incidents of stone-pelting on Mumbai Railway Network in the last six-and-half-years: RTI report

Despite the Right To Information (RTI) report revealing 118 incidents of stone-pelting, the police have been able to detect only 21 cases


In a shocking revelation, it was learned that as many as 113 people have sustained injuries in the last six and a half years, due to 118 incidents of stone-pelting on the Mumbai suburban railway network. The data was collected through the Right to Information (RTI) Act. 

The activist, Shakeel Ahmed Sheikh, who filed the application for the RTI, said that most of the stone-pelting incidents took place on Central Railway between 2013 to June 2019.

Stone-pelting incidents have been on the rise in the last few months. I had asked the Railway police to provide me with the statistics of such incidents and how many people have been arrested and how many cases the police managed to detect," he told ANI on Monday.

Expressing his shock, he stated that despite the data suggesting 118 incidents taking place, the Government Railway Police (GRP) had managed to detect only 21 cases.

Number of Incidents

  • Meanwhile, the majority of incidents were found out o have taken place on the Central Railway line as 84 stone-pelting incidents were reported and 81 people were injured. The GRP could solve 15 cases and 13 suspects have been arrested till now, the RTI data revealed.
  • Whereas between Panvel and Wadala, i.e. the Harbour Line, 21 such cases were reported and 18 people sustained injuries. The GRP managed to solve five cases and six suspects have been arrested, as per RTI data.
  • 13 stone-pelting incidents were reported from Churchgate to Palghar stretch on Western Railway. While 14 people were injured, the GRP managed to crack just one case.
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