Tomato prices touch Rs 70-80 per kg

After onions, prices of tomato soar.


After onions, the retail price of tomatoes has begun to spiral to Rs 70-80 per kg. The cause for the prices to soar is being attributed to the incessant rains across major growing regions.

In the month of September, prices of tomato had almost doubled as they were in short supply, According to the data compiled by National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF) the price of tomato has increased by almost100 per cent increase in September as it went from Rs 14.50 a kg at the beginning of the month to Rs 24 a kg.

This year in the month of July too, the prices of tomato had increased many folds to reach Rs 60 per month.

The prices of other vegetables and fruits too are significantly higher than what is the average for this time of the year. According to trade sources if the rain continues to wreak havoc then the prices can go further high in the coming few days.

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