BCCI asks Cricket Australia to strike beef off Team India’s food menu

Earlier, the Indian team was criticised by Indian Twitter users after BCCI had posted a photo of the lunch menu of Team India during the England tour which consisted of braised beef pasta


In an attempt to avoid beef over beef, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has reportedly asked Cricket Australia to exclude beef from Team India’s food menu during the upcoming tour which is set to begin later this month. Earlier, the team had received a lot of flak from Indian Twitter users after the menu for Indian team’s lunch consisted of beef.

During the England tour, the Indian team was criticised for its below-par showing in the Test matches. However, BCCI had posted a photo of the Indian team’s lunch menu on one of the days of the Test match and one of the pictures displayed braised beef pasta on the team’s menu which drew a lot of criticism from Indian fans. 

A couple of members from BCCI had travelled to Australia to ensure that beef is cancelled-off the team’s menu and accordingly, now they have asked the cricket board to include a clause about the same in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between BCCI and CA.

The members were said to have been there to inspect the diet and travel plans for the Indian team. During which, they reportedly asked CA to include more vegetarian options in the food menu as there are some cricketers in the team that eat only vegetarian food.

India’s tour of Australia will consist of three T20s, four Test matches, and three One-Day International (ODI) matches.

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