Burglar boasts of 50 successful burglaries which doesn't really go well the judge

Accused Mangal aka Manglya Kamlakar Kharat proudly announced in the court that he is happy for his 50th burglary, after which, he landed himself in a soup!

Burglar boasts of 50 successful burglaries which doesn't really go well the judge

Have you ever seen a thief taking pride in carrying out robberies? Well, there is one such thief who is very happy with his illegal career and currently is on cloud nine as he completed his 50th burglary. 

22-year-old Mangal aka Manglya Kamlakar Kharat broke into the house of retired employee Vijaya Jadhav at Kanjurmarg’s Friends Colony in the month of April where he managed to steal 21-carat gold. Following the burglary, Jadhav had filed a police complaint at Kanjurmarg police station.

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Meanwhile, in one of his burglaries that took place in September, Powai police took him in their custody. During his interrogation, he revealed that he did many such burglaries at various places. Likewise, Powai police got to know about his April’s burglary and he was handed over to Kanjurmarg police for further investigation. 

When the accused was presented in the court, the judge tried talking sense into him. Instead of showing remorse, he proudly announced that it was his 50th burglary and he was very happy about it. The judge made findings that there was no scope of improvement in him and was sent to the police custody until October 5, 2018.

During the interrogation, it was found that he used to spend the stolen money on alcohol and gambling.

Other than Powai, burglary cases have been filed against the accused at Vikhroli, Bhandup, Mulund, and other police stations.

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