CCTV captures callous cops' cruelty

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    Malad - Hussain Patel is an angry young man. The Dindoshi youth was on his way on a motorcycle near the Goregaon flyover towards Lucky Hotel on 2 December, when he was hit from behind by another bike.

    Patel stopped to help the duo on the other bike since they had suffered a fall, but instead found himself at the receiving end of their ire. The two slapped Patel, and took him to the police station and filed charges against him. It was then that Patel realised that the two were policemen themselves. Patel requested CCTV footage which reveals the policemen's callous attitude towards the biker. This incident tool place near Lucky hotel of Goregoan flyover where policemen slapped the bike rider.  Patel has now wrtten a letter to the DCP, ACP and senior PI demanding justice. Investigating officers say since the policemen were off duty, both sides would be given an equal hearing.

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