Friend turns foe by murdering his pal’s wife

Friend turns foe by murdering his pal’s wife

Friendships may take a sour turn, but what if your friendship with a good friend of yours costs you your wife’s life. Shweta Tandel (28), was brutally murdered by her husband’s friend since he did have something really gruesome running in his mind for her. Hitesh, the accused, slit Shweta’s throat on Wednesday at her home since she tried to resist rape.

According to the Colaba Senior Police Inspector Vijay Jadhav, they have nabbed Hitesh on the basis of the CCTV footage and his phone call records. As per Jadhav, Hitesh did not have clear intentions for Shweta. Hence, when her husband and other family were out on Wednesday for their usual work, Hitesh, tried to make the most of the situation, by trying to rape her. Yet, he couldn’t succeed since Shweta tried hard to resist it. Apparently, Hitesh couldn’t take the resistance and slit her throat and escaped from there.


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