Darshini’s death points towards human sacrifice in cosmo city?

Darshini’s death points towards human sacrifice in cosmo city?

The suspicious death of a 3-year-old girl from Aarey Colony points fingers towards the possibility of a sacrificial death though it is being labelled by police as death in the animal attack.

According to information, Darshini Mutthu Veli (03) had gone at neighbour’s place to play on Monday night. She left for home but did not return. On found her missing, the family members of Darshini tried to locate her but in vain. The remains of Darshini’s body were traced in a forest close to the Aarey colony.

A resident, on condition of anonymity, claimed that the death of Darshini is not the result of an animal attack. She was murdered as there were no marks on her body indicating that she was attacked by an animal. He also claimed that the body was tried to be burnt. The claims of this person point towards human sacrifice which is not less than a blot on the cosmopolitan nature of this city.

In December, a beheaded body of a youth was found in Aarey colony forest. Some marks were found on the forehead of the deceased youth which was pointing towards human sacrifice. The police have failed to crack this case even after passing of five months.

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