Goregaon – Don’t believe if someone promises you to exchange your old high-value currency notes. A trader was recently given bundles of plain papers in the name of exchanging his currency notes. Vanrai police have arrested a mediator in this connection while his accomplice is reported absconding. According to information, Ajay Kejriwal, a trader, had to exchange his old currency worth Rs 6.30 lakh. He contacted one Ajay Desai who promised to exchange his currency notes at the cost of Rs 50,000 commission. Kejriwal agreed to this deal and reached Virwani Industrial Estate in Goregaon on Monday afternoon with the money. He and Desai exchanged the bags but when he started to check the bag given by Desai, he was asked by Desai to go home and then check the bag or else police will arrest both of them. When Kejriwal reached home his heart sank after finding the plain papers under the currency notes of Rs 100 denomination. Kejriwal immediately rushed to the police station and registered his complaint in this regard.

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