Applicants tasting crime before becoming police officers

    Applicants tasting crime before becoming police officers
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    Looks like the candidates coming down to Mumbai to work for the Mumbai Police seem to be already getting the taste of their faulty ways. These candidates are landing in an unusual trouble of their bags being stolen. The even bigger problem is that since they have no place to live in when they arrive here, hence, their bags and other belongings get easily stolen since they have to stay on the roads and sleep on the sidewalks at night.

    Moreover, the police as well seem to be taking this issue lightly since no arrangement for the accommodation of these candidates has been done so far. Omkar Ambedkar a candidate who had come here to apply for openings in Mumbai Police says, “Here there’s no arrangement whatsoever to keep my bag safely even. In fact, when I came back, both my mobile and my purse were missing.”

    As of now, two lakh candidates have applied for seventeen thousand openings in Mumbai Police. On the other hand, the reaction to all this mismanagement and such mishaps of Mumbai Police is such as if nothing went wrong there. So while the candidates who are not yet officials at the Mumbai Police are already tasting crime for no reason. They are wondering as to what they should be really doing about it. At least now Mumbai Police should wake up to the situation and take strict action to deal with the pressing issue.

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