Bombay Terror Attacks: ‘Recruiter’ of Mirza Faizal Khan arrested in Dubai

Farooq, the man who recruits young people to train them for terror attacks, was arrested by Dubai Security Agencies.


Dubai Security Agencies arrested Farooq Devadiwala (48), Mirza Faizal Khan' recruiter and relative, who was indulged in terror training in Pakistan. He was involved in Bombay terror attacks which happened in 1993, and took lives of many in the city. 

After the blast in 1993, Farooq was absconding and the police were in constant search of him. After the Central Investigation Agency (CBI) gave the notice, the Interpol issued a red corner notice against Farooq. He was allegedly recruiting people for terror attacks in Mumbai and he had arranged the accommodation for the recruits in places like Dubai Sharjah.  Allegedly, Farooq had also arranged tickets for Faizal to send him out of India. 

As per reports, Farooq Devadiwala sent Faizal abroad on the pretext of working. Faizal is also considered as one of the close friends of Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel. The D company had given the responsibility of smuggling gold in India to Farooq. 

According to the media reports, Faizal went to Karachi after his stay is Sarjah. However, his visa was not assigned for Karachi but to leave for another country from Karachi. He got off at Karachi without facing any issues. It implies that the Pakistani intelligence, Inter-services Intelligence (ISI), also helped Faizal. He was recently arrested in a joint operation conducted by the ATS, Kolkata Police Special Task Force, and Mumbai Police.

In all this, Farooq was the man behind the curtains and fortunately, he was arrested in Dubai.  

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