RPF arrest bogus e-ticket sellers

 RPF arrest bogus e-ticket sellers

Railway Police Force (RPF) has arrested a bogus team that illegally sold railway e-tickets. Valu Murugan, Shankar Nadar (58), is the name of this bogus broker, and 37 e-tickets worth Rs 87,000 have been seized, along with 2 registers, 5 rail forms, 1 CPU etc. RPF has also confiscated other items.

Railway Police and IRTC had raised the bar on the brokerage, due to the collusion of many bogus ticket dealers who illegally sold the railway tickets. Even then, the bogus ticket brokers did not reduce the solvency of these brokers.

Accordingly, the same information was received from the Ghatkopar railway police after the same incident in the Dombivli area, where the illegal sale of the e-ticket was being sold, and the police arrested the brokers by raiding them at Dombivali.

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