Amazon Prime Video and TVF's Hostel Daze to make one nostalgic about the hostel life experience

Created by Saurabh Khanna and Abhishek Yadav from The Viral Fever (TVF), directed by Raghav Subbu, Hostel Daze stars Adarsh Gourav, Luv, Shubham Gaur, and Nikhil Vijay in lead roles.


No matter how much time passes by, hostel life is hard to forget. After all, that's the time when we experience most of our firsts that turn into life lessons and countless other memorable experiences. Amazon Prime Video and TVF are back with yet another binge-watching hostel based series titled "Hostel Daze".

Hostel Daze will give you the nostalgic reminder of the blockbuster movie "Chhichhore" which was like a time capsule movie between hostel life and middle-aged reality. However, the highlight of the movie was the challenges that eventually lead to personal growth. 

Hostel Daze will acknowledge that hostel life is more than a series of wild parties, pranking hijinks, and a total complete blast. The show will explore the universal conundrums of hostel life of engineering students and will encapsulate the shenanigans that living in a hostel entails. 

The show is a laughter ride through the corridors of hostel life that celebrates the catastrophe escapade of four students played by Adarsh Gourav, Luv, Shubham Gaur, Nikhil Vijay, and wing-mates, brought together by fate and later followed by forced friendships, heartbreaks, and flumping grades.

The show is created by Saurabh Khanna and Abhishek Yadav, directed by Raghav Subbu, and executive producer Sameer Saxena, who's also the head and chief content officer at TVF Originals. All five episodes of Hostel Daze are now streaming on  Amazon Prime Video worldwide.

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