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ZEE5's Naxalbari Review: Keeps you glued till the end

ZEE5's Naxalbari Review: Keeps you glued till the end

Cast: Rajeev Khandelwal, Aamir Ali, Tinna Datta, Sreejita De, Satyadeep Misra and Shakti Anand

Director: Partho Mitra

Rating: 4/5

Naxalbari is the new series that is streaming on the platform ZEE5. The show is a revenge drama. The premise of the show is very simple that at a time of war, even if it is not a war of your own choosing, one is forced to choose a side and the earlier one makes their mind, the better it is.

The show comprises of nine episodes of 30 minutes each. As the name suggests, the show is focussed on the movement started by the Naxal. It showcases the three-way tussle between the government, the industrialist and the Naxals. The story does not dwell too deep into the issue of Naxalism nor does it take too much of its side. It is a simplified overview of the life of Special Task Force (STF) agent Raghav (played by Rajeev Khandelwal), who is sucked into a tussle. His intends to put an end to the revival of a Naxal uprising in his village called Gadchiroli, set in Maharashtra. 

The show Naxalbari draws inspiration from what transpired in a small village called Naxalbari, located in West Bengal’s Silliguri, in 1967.

However, as mentioned earlier they have simplified the story and projected it from the lens of the STG agent Raghav, who is transferred to this area and has little choice in the matter. Things become too personal for him when his best friend, another STF agent Mohit gets killed by the Naxal. From there on, it is a complete revenge drama with a lot of action sequences.

What makes the show worth a watch, is the direction of the show. Partho Mitra has done a good job in communicating the story and extracting the best from his actors. The action sequences also don't disappoint. The editing could have been a little crisper but on the overall, it is a pacy drama in which you are looking forward to knowing what happens next.

Talking about performances, the lead actor Rajeev Khandelwal is known to be a great actor and in this show too he does not disappoint a bit. He seamless blends into the character of Raghav and brings out all the nuances on the screen in a balanced manner. 

While speaking to Mumbai Live, Aamir Ali, who is making his digital debut in the series has spoken on how his character will be a game-changer in Naxalbari and indeed it is. It is good to see him back on screen after a long and he has managed to pull off a character with shades of grey very well. 

Even Satyadeep Misra and Shakti Anand as the members of the Naxal gang are very well suited in their roles and have done a good job. The only cast member that I feel could have done better is Tinna Datta. While she does a decent job but it could have been more impactful. 

To sum up, Naxalbari is a well-directed revenge drama that keeps you glued till the end. 

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