IIT-Bombay students’ body raise alarms against increased surveillance

They claimed that these mechanisms are violating "students' fundamental privacy rights"

IIT-Bombay students’ body raise alarms against increased surveillance

A student group at IIT Bombay, Ambedkar, Periyar, Phule Study Circle(APPSC), has alleged that the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay has installed CCTV surveillance cameras within the hostel corridors without consent of the students.

‘The introduction of these two mechanisms without the consent of students is very problematic as they violate the fundamental privacy rights of the students and are intended for surveillance. Such surveillance measures on students in an utterly undemocratic fashion need to be resisted at all costs,' read a statement released by the APPSC.

It also said, "...The biometric information is linked with the identity card... This information is now linked to various government schemes like Aadhar, bank accounts, and has huge potential to be misused..." 

The institute is basically keeping tabs on every step, it was stated, because of the connection between the I-card and the dining hall and the data being saved on the main server. According to an institute administrator, I-cards are linked to the mess facilities to ensure that only dormitory students who have paid the mess fees are eating there and that there is no privacy invasion or surveillance.

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