IIT-Bombay students to sit for re-examinations post cheating claim

After cases of cheating surfaced in IIT-Bombay, the teachers have asked for re-examinations of 70 odd students in the department of chemical engineering.

IIT-Bombay students to sit for re-examinations post cheating claim

As per reports, the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, has asked for re-examinations of 70 odd students from the chemical engineering department after cases of cheating surfaced.

According to a report in Times of India, as the examinations were not supervised online by the teaching faculty, other students had informed the institute director of IIT-Bombay about the instances of cheating. Moreover, during the examinations, one batch was supervised whereas the other one was not due to an emergency faced by the instructor.

On the other hand, students of IIT-Bombay had earlier raised concerns over a proposal to develop an AI (artificial intelligence) model for the proctoring of students during their examinations.

This basically means that during these tests, proctoring would enable automatic identification of cases of cheating in these examinations. However, concerns have been raised as the institute has allegedly given a nod to using the recorded videos of students before obtaining their consent, as per reports. Currently, the IIT faculty in Mumbai invigilates exams through remote proctoring, requiring students to sit in front of the camera in full view.

Artificial intelligence essentially is a complex software that performs tasks in a way similar to human brains, often by sensing and responding to a feature of their environment. This could mean learning to solve problems in an unexpected way, recognizing the nuances of speech, or exhibiting some form of human-like creativity. If such instances of proctoring devices were to be made available, it would completely eliminate the need to have a human instructor monitoring students during their examinations.