This College In South Mumbai Forgot To Submit BMM Student's Marks To Mumbai University

KPB Hinduja College in Charni Road had failed to submit marks of one subject to Mumbai University, due to which, many students were declared failed for the third year BMM semester five examination.


The results of Bacherlors of Mass Media (BMM) students of semester five was declared on January 8 wherein several students raised complains about being declared as "failed" even after they had attempted the paper. After analysing these complaints, Mumbai University (MU) observed that a maximum number of complaints were from students who had their centre in South Mumbai's KPB Hinduja College which is at Charni Road. 

Upon enquiring more about the matter, Mumbai University stated that Hinduja college had not submitted the student's marks for a subject altogether. The third-year BMM students have to choose Journalism or Advertising as their specialisation and have one practical subject and five theory subjects. For Journalism students, the practical subject is Newspaper and Magazine making whereas, in Advertising, the practical subject is design for advertising. 

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These subjects are assessed by an external examiner who visits the college. Hinduja College did not submit the marks for the practical to Mumbai University which in turn resulted in many students being declared as "fail". Talking about the same, an MU official stated that the rectification of marks is now underway and students will be informed of their new results soon.

However, this isn't the first time that there has been a mix up in the marks of Mumbai University students.  In 2019, some students from Law were marked as absent even when they were present for the paper. After submitting their paper for reevaluation, the marks of students have been increased drastically. Mumbai University had earned ₹11 crores in three years with reassessment

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