Mumbai University: 3700 professors didn't log in during online assessment


On one hand, a master plan has been prepared for the second session of University Exams to make sure the chaos isn’t repeated and on the other hand, shocking information about the fact that 3,700 professors did not log in even during online assessment has come to light. This raises a big question on Mumbai University once again. 

A press conference was held by the university to discuss the ‘master plan’ for the second session. Professors appointed for online examination were required to login with their name and after which, professors could assess the answer sheets.

However, out of 16,800 professors, 3,700 professors did not login which also means they haven’t assessed a single answer sheet.

Did the University not realize the fact that these professors were not logged in during the online assessment? If the University did know about this, why did they not take any action?

If the matter of the university has been noticed, why did the university not take any action on those professors? Why has the university not taken any action against these 3,700 professors till now?

Those who have not logged in even once, and have not checked the answer sheets, will be penalized. However, professors who couldn’t log in due to a genuine reason will be excused. A decision will be taken after an investigation,” Devanand Shinde, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Mumbai University.