Mumbai University has assured the High Court that all results will be declared by September 6. With heavy rainfall and Ganesh Chaturthi slowing down the process, the University has made another assurance of result declaration.

University lawyer, Rui Rodrigues informed the court and also said that MU is doing all it can to declare the results as soon as possible (how many times have we heard that before?)

Last Sunday, MU declared some results of the commerce faculty but students couldn’t view their results as there was some technical fault with their server. After Sunday, the city has seen a few tough days and delay in those couple of days is understood but MU has stretched this result declaration scenario a bit far too much.

So far, 151 out of 153 results for Arts, 43 out of 47 for Science and 30 out of 50 for Commerce have been announced. 447 out of 477 results have been announced in total.

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