Having it easy in exams through social media? Not anymore!

    Having it easy in exams through social media? Not anymore!
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    Remember those frantic days of examinations especially in the yesteryears when we did not have the luxury of mobile phones to us. Worse still, if not well prepared our only resort were those chits which we used to sneak in our sleeves for cheating. But unlike that era, kids being so digitally driven do not shudder to think for a second before carrying mobile phones to the examination hall. So much so, that they have now started relying on the social media to help them score well in the exams.

    But now to curb such practice, the state government has now formed a committee. Education Minister, Vinod Tawde has clarified that the question paper getting shared on the social media just minutes before the examination will not be considered as leaked.

    Earlier as well, the question papers getting viral on social media had done the rounds, considering which the state government has decided to take such a step. The state government wants that due to such malpractices, the toil of the diligent students should not go down the drain and at the same time, the trust of the people in this system of examination remains intact. The committee will have to give a report within two months to the state government.

    So now if you are a student and if you feel you are going to have it easy in the exams through social media, think again.

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