Tips To Manage Time And Prepare For Board Exams During Summer Holidays

Given how important academic results are for class 10 and 12 students, vacation time can be structured to prepare for the challenges ahead. Here are tips to manage time and schedule for board exams to avoid last minute hassle.

Tips To Manage Time And Prepare For Board Exams During Summer Holidays

Education ideally should not be shackled by a stringent assessment system but since students in India are driven to achieve requisite percentages, the summer vacation preceding their Board exams can play a critical role.

Rajesh Bhatia, the founder of TreeHouse chain of offline and online schools, says, "I always tell students to start their preparations early because well begun is half-done. The biggest advantage of studying in your vacation is that you are not pressured by a looming deadline. It is a very good time to assess your weaknesses and figure out which subjects need the most attention. By the time the schools reopen, you should have a clear idea of the syllabus and your grip on it."

Here are some other handy tips:

Make your study sessions interesting: "The idea of studying during your holidays can be unpleasant but if you study not just your books but also online resource material, watch educational videos, discuss problems with friends and have regular group study hours, soon you will start enjoying the process of learning as you start discovering different aspects of a subject. The more interested you get in a subject, the better you will fare in it," shares Rajesh.

Study examination patterns: One of the oldest preparation tips is to study previous examination papers, says Rajesh and adds, "Papers from previous years can give you a taste of the range and depth of questions that are asked, how many marks are accorded to specific questions and the time required to go over the entire paper. You can even ask your teachers to mail you a set of question papers that you can attempt at home with a timer."   

Give yourself fun breaks: "If you are constantly stressing over what to study next, your focus will be fragmented so give yourself breaks to meet friends, have a movie night, a picnic, or a family dinner. Make time for a favorite activity and you will come back refreshed to study with undivided concentration. If you love music, you can even design a favorite playlist that helps you concentrate while studying. A quick jog, Yoga and meditation sessions, and a power nap are all helpful to keep you energized and refreshed."  

Create a daily task list: Make a schedule, suggests Rajesh, and adds, "If you prepare a task list every day and stick to it, any pressure that you may be feeling will slowly ease when you see how much progress you are making.  Some people tackle the tough subjects first while others gradually move through the easy subjects to the hardest. Figure out what works for you best and make sure your schedule allows you enough time to eat regular meals, rest, and unwind."

Cut out the distractions: If you are constantly surrounded by digital gadgets and cannot look away from your phone, chances are your study schedule will be disrupted, says Rajesh and adds, "Create a sacrosanct study space where you can only focus on one thing at a time. Maximize your study hours by not diluting them with distractions and you will see how quickly you absorb tough concepts. Be mindful of  apps and social media platforms that just gobble time, and energy and divide your focus."

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