Ouch! Priyanka's Alia moment on the couch

    Ouch! Priyanka's Alia moment on the couch
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    Andheri- In this season of 'Koffee with Karan' that airs on Star World, Priyanka Chopra’s general knowledge was being tested by Karan Johar and her response was a cute “Arre baba.”

    On the episode that's a few weeks away from telecast, the 'Quantico' star also revealed that she had kissed an ex after a break-up but that is not all. As the star graced Karan’s couch, she was obviously asked about love, break-ups, and men. But an interesting twist to the show was a new addition, the five-second Q and A round.
    Karan asked Priyanka to “name three Mughal emperors” and her answer was, “Arre baba!” Then she was asked to name “three Maratha warriors” and she burst out laughing. The last question was regarding the names of three Indian prime ministers and her answer yet again was laughter, reminding us of the famed 'Alia' moment on the same show a few seasons ago.
    Back to Karan’s patent questions. Priyanka said people will write what they want to write, but people will know when 'there is a ring on the finger'. She went on to say, “I believe you are single till you are married!” However, Priyanka does vouch for the fact that men in the West have a completely different approach of asking a girl out. “The boys here are a little cautious. There it’s straight up – ‘I am free tomorrow, I am in New York. Let’s go for dinner.’ Na Jaan na pehchaan. Akele! Itni forward nahi hoon main” quipped Piggy Chops. 

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