Waterfall Clean Up Drive Conducted At Vadap, Kharghar

Mumbai's Dharmesh Barai along with 30 other citizens started cleaning waterfalls near Mumbai since October 2016.


Waterfalls near Mumbai have been a major tourist attraction for locals and tourists alike. There are several waterfalls like Tapalwadi, Jummapatti, Khopoli, Pandavkada, Chinchoti, Anandwadi, Kondeshwar, Bhivpuri, Palasdari, Ambewadi, Kharghar, Prabalmachi, Vadap etc. However, these nature-laden places have been in a pitiful state as many people litter it. 

With an aim to clean these waterfalls, Mumbai's Dharmesh Barai along with 30 other citizens started cleaning these places. Barai has been in these clean-up drives since October 2016. They even conduct awareness drives which include educating children in schools and colleges.

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Dharmesh along with his group cleaned up to one tonne of garbage from these waterfalls on August 15, 2019. The garbage primarily included non-degradable material like plastic wrappers, carry bags, packaged plastic bottles, glass bottles, broken glasses etc. 

Talking about the same, Dharmesh Barai said, 

Waterfalls are a great tourist attraction and many locals' livelihoods depend upon the number of people visiting these places. We need to conserve them and keep them clean as it can even serve as a great earning option for locals. The government can keep changing rooms, instructions boards, safety guards, first aid facility to give impetus to tourism.  

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