Maharashtra: State records average rainfall of 15.2mm in June

An average of 110.9 mm rainfall was expected in the state till June 19

Maharashtra: State records average rainfall of 15.2mm in June

Out of the four rainy months this year, June is likely to be dry due to heavy rains. An average rainfall of 110.9 mm was expected till June 19 in the state. In fact, 15.2 mm rainfall has been recorded till June 19. The average rainfall in the state is 207.6 mm in the month of June.

This year, the meteorological department had predicted an average of 96 percent rain. Southwest monsoon entered Kerala on June 8. Entered Talkonkan on June 11. After this, the Meteorological Department had predicted that it would advance to the rest of the state in the next two days. However, even after half of June, the monsoon rains have not yet arrived.

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Meanwhile, monsoon winds were predicted to become active in the state by June 23. However, the journey of monsoon rains in the state has cooled down and the rains have not yet reached the next stage. Therefore, there is a possibility that the prediction of the presence of monsoon rains in Mumbai and other parts of the state till June 23 will be missed.

June and July are considered to be important months of rain. June and July are known as months of heavy rainfall. Once the monsoon sets in, the state receives heavy rains in June and July. After that August, September light showers, sun-rain game starts. This year, however, seems to be an exception to this. The state recorded an average rainfall of 207.6 mm during the period from June 1 to 30. An average rainfall of 15.2 mm has been recorded so far this year. Central Maharashtra has recorded 13.7 mm rainfall this year. No rain has been reported in Solapur.

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