Mumbai To Get 250 Advanced Air Pollution Sensors For Enhanced Monitoring

BMC collaborates with IIT Kanpur to deploy 250 air pollution monitors across Mumbai. The aim is to identify and mitigate the city's air pollution sources.

Mumbai To Get 250 Advanced Air Pollution Sensors For Enhanced Monitoring

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has announced a plan to install 250 advanced air pollution measurement sensors across mumbai. They will be distributed across all 24 wards under BMC's jurisdiction.

Air pollution in Mumbai comes from many places. One of the most significant contributors is dust from ongoing construction projects. The new sensors will help identify areas affected by different types of pollution, including vehicle emissions and burning materials.

Currently, Mumbai has 29 air pollution monitors, with 24 installed by 'ASAR' and five by BMC. The new plan aims to significantly increase this number, providing a more accurate measure of the city's air quality.

BMC is partnering with IIT Kanpur, known for its expertise in creating such devices. This collaboration follows the successful deployment of similar devices in Patna, Bihar.

The worsening air quality in Mumbai has drawn attention from the High Court and the Union government, leading to criticism of BMC's inaction. In response, BMC released a 27-point plan in October to combat air pollution.

The plan includes measures to control pollution from the city's 5,000 ongoing construction projects. BMC's guidelines impose restrictions on construction processes to minimize their environmental impact.

Despite these efforts, there have been challenges in the implementation of air pollution monitors. BMC officials visiting the sites found that the devices were not installed correctly, and local issues were contributing to high pollution readings.

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