Mi ventures into the fashion segment with the launch of Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt

As per company claims these T-Shirt are made in India and made from recycled PET bottles

Mi ventures into the fashion segment with the launch of Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt

 Mi India ventures into what they are terming as environment-friendly clothing with the launch of Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt. As per the company, these Tees are exclusively "made in India" for fitness enthusiasts. Each T-Shirt is made from 12 recycled PET bottles collected from different parts of the country. Furthermore, as per claims Eco-Active T-Shirts are breathable, sweat-absorbent and skin-friendly, making it perfect for your daily fitness session.

Mi Eco-Active Tshirt is Made In India with the yarn of discarded PET bottles. Elaborating on the process of making of the yarn, the company in its press statement mentions that a yarn consumes just 10 litres of water for recycling every kilogram of plastic yarn while 23,000 litres of water is required to process T-shirt made of cotton. The T-Shirt also saves up to 70 per cent of carbon emission in comparison to a regular cotton t-shirt and comes with tags embedded with basil seeds which can be sown. Mi India has taken this initiative one step ahead by making sure the packaging is eco-friendly too.  Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt comes in a canister packaging which can be used as a pot for sowing those tag seeds.

Commenting on the launch, Raghu Reddy, Chief Business Officer, Mi India mentioned, “At Mi India, we are cognizant of our responsibility towards the environment and realize the need for an eco-friendly lifestyle. We have actively worked towards creating merchandise that not only offers optimal breathability but is ingeniously designed to reduce waste by using discarded PET bottles to manufacture the T-Shirts that can be further recycled too. In this era of mindful manufacturing, we hope to contribute as much as we can and nurture the environment that has given us plenty.”

As per the press statement by the company, Mi Eco-Active T-Shirts are soft, skin-friendly and odour free. The recyclable polyester material of the T-Shirt also acts as a quick moisture absorbent, making sure that your T-Shirt is relatively dry even during your intense workout sessions.