Types of Eyeliners Explained: Beginner’s Guide

Types of Eyeliners Explained: Beginner’s Guide

Eyeliners are a major component of eye makeup. An eyeliner can define your eyes like nothing else. There are different kinds of eyeliner available in the market nowadays. These categories differ from one another based on a lot of factors such as price, texture, intensity, etc. If you are a beginner and don’t have the proper knowledge of choosing an eyeliner for yourself, then you need to know the basics. You just know the different types of eyeliner that you can go for. So, read ahead to know more about the different types of eyeliners:

Gel eyeliner 

The cream or gel eyeliner has a wax-like consistency and is mostly applied with the help of a Q tip or eyeliner brush. You must make use of a gel eyeliner only when you want to assure that the eyeliner is smudge-proof and will remain as it is. As it is made up of wax, it doesn’t come off at ease. You can use gel eyeliner if you want to create smokey eyes. There are different brands of gel eyeliners available in the market and you can choose the one that is worth the price you pay for it.

Kajal Eyeliner 

The kajal eyeliner is extremely beneficial over any other kind of pencil eyeliner. It doesn’t have a cream-like consistency. You can apply this eyeliner to the waterline of your eyes too. All it takes is a tad amount of water for getting the eyeliner smooth and it doesn’t cause tugging on your eyes.

Kohl Pencil Eyeliner

The main feature why kohl eyeliner is famous is because of its creaminess. Kohl pencil eyeliner is different from the regular eyeliner pencil because it has a higher cream consistency and is much simpler to be smudged. You can use this eyeliner for creating Smokey eyes without causing a tug to your eyes. You can also use it with eye mascara.

Retractable Eyeliner 

A retractable eyeliner is also known as a mechanical pencil eyeliner and is not very different from the basic pencil eyeliner or even a kohl pencil except for the fact that you don’t have to sharpen it. You just need to twist around the product barrel and you can see it popping up. One drawback of such eyeliners is that once they are sharpened originally and the point becomes dull, there is no other way you can make it pointy. You can also create a cat-eye look with such an eyeliner for making precise eye lines till you can find a way for sharpening it.

So, these are some of the most commonly used types of eyeliners that you can try. You can find all these eyeliners at different online as well as offline stores. The prices of these eyeliners might vary from one to another. You can choose any eyeliner that can be convenient for you to apply.

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