Would you like a three-course waffle meal?

This place in Powai serves a three-course waffle meal and also a waffle salad as if waffles alone were not enough!

Would you like a three-course waffle meal?

You just cannot go wrong with a waffle for a dessert. How about a meal that has waffles and only waffles in it? We’re sure you’d love it too!

The Waffle Tree is a small waffle shop in Powai that serves a three-course waffle meal, located near Hiranandani Gardens. This place is gradually gaining popularity for its exotic waffle collection that we bet you would have never tried before. Owing to the multifariousness when it comes to serving waffles, this little cafe is often crowded in the evenings.

What does the meal look like?

The supper starts off with some fiery waffle pops. Loathed in the Thousand Island dressing and of course, a ton of cheese, these shoots can be called as the perfect starters as they’re not that filling but leave your senses sated.

Course-two has a Classic waffle slider. If you’re wondering what does it taste like, imagine a rich patty, cheese onions and veggies all caught up in a waffle bun! Doesn’t that sound appetizing to you?

And now coming down to the kick off the meal; the dessert consists of a Shahi Tukda Waffle which is literally out of this world. It’s not even funny but this sweet is so delicious that you might want to bite your tongue while eating it! A hot waffle stuffed with gulab jamun, rabdi and a generous slathering of grated pistachios, that’s pretty much your Shahi Tukda Waffle is! Definitely the show stealer of the meal!

What’s more?

The Waffle Tree has a two-way assortment of the delicacies they serve — The Dessert Waffles and the House Signatures.

You can choose from a variety of awe-inspiring waffles like the red velvet, Blue Berry, Nutella, Banana Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Butterscotch and the Black Forest etc. There’s something for every sweet tooth here! But the one that won our hearts is undoubtedly the Shahi Tukda Waffle!

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