Fabelle chocolates release six new limited edition flavours inspired by different parts of India

These special edition chocolates were made marking Independence Day and are being sold on the respective website, the proceedings of which will be donated to an NGO

Fabelle chocolates release six new limited edition flavours inspired by different parts of India

No one can ever say no to chocolates, for its flavour is addictive. It is a crowded market today, but brands have been adding a twist to the good-old flavour, thereby experimenting with the taste and unique concepts. ITC Hotels' brand 'Fabelle chocolates' has earned a respect for its luxury offerings, because of the variety of flavours being developed keeping many aspects in mind. From marking festivals to producing the country's first ruby coloured chocolates, the team has designed its offerings with all the love. 

Continuing the same effort, the team at ITC hotels and Fabelle chocolates, recently released six new variants marking the Independence Day. These new variants pay a tribute to different localities and produce from the country, and have been planned by keeping the combination of flavours and textures in mind. 

Fabelle divided the country into six zones and created six chocolate bars, each representing the flavours of a region, like, Northern Himalayan Region – Dark Chocolate smoked with Tea and Pink Himalayan Salt, Thar Desert – Ruby Chocolate with Toasted Sesame, Salted Peanuts and Toasted Amaranth, Gangetic Plains – Milk Chocolate with Jaggery powder and crunchy Puffed Rice, Central Plains – Dark Chocolate with Candied Orange Peel blended with Raisins, Deccan Plateau – White Chocolate with Coffee and Cardamom Powder effusion, Coastal Regions – Milk Chocolate with Desiccated Coconut powder and Candied Mango.

Talking about the brand, Zubin Songadwala, General Manager, ITC Hotels, said, "For us, it is about creating unique magical experiences which are not or very selectively available. These are currently available only at our in our luxury centers across ITC hotels, where we've got a few brand luxury bars, in eight different variances which are available in high-end stores, in about six metros in India. These are not mass-produced or available across the country because of the exclusivity. It needs to be in a controlled environment, and so if one needs, then we are also happy to deliver them home in a controlled environment, thereby providing you with experiences we promise."

Sharing his thought on the brand acceptance in the market, he added, "It seems been accepted so well in the market the flavours and the factors that over the years we've also been creating new flavour new and experiences and I think the biggest thing that we've been able to do is to introduce the concept of dark chocolate and in acceptability of chocolate which now is actually coming of age and there's an imperative evolving as well people are becoming more aware of the benefits and aspects."

Shedding light on this special collection, Zubin said, "Like last year's Holi, we had Thandai inspired chocolates, as the Indian flavoured chocolates are highly preferred. We have also tried pan inspired chocolates. So, these festivals are a popular time, and we are packed with back-to-back orders. So the demand is there and we just need to be able to supply thereby create that excitement of something new each time. And that's what we keep doing. So, this is the idea. Like I said this is limited edition is not going to be available commercially for long. It is there for a purpose and it serves a purpose."

With an aim to create magic and make a difference, the team, this festive season has created 72 kilos, which is 720 bars are available across all ITC hotels. The team at Fabelle chocolates strives to do such initiatives, not for commercial purposes, but to create awareness and to do something good.

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