Mumbaikars! Celebrate Parsi New Year With Authentic Parsi Food In The City

Parsi New Year or 'Navroz' will be celebrated across the country on Saturday, August 17 and delicious food awaits us all this festive season

  • Mumbaikars! Celebrate Parsi New Year With Authentic Parsi Food In The City
  • Mumbaikars! Celebrate Parsi New Year With Authentic Parsi Food In The City
  • Mumbaikars! Celebrate Parsi New Year With Authentic Parsi Food In The City
  • Mumbaikars! Celebrate Parsi New Year With Authentic Parsi Food In The City

This Parsi New year, let's all celebrate a new beginning with some authentic Parsi delicacies which restaurants in Mumbai are offering. Zoroastrianism has been part of Mumbai's history for decades and the food is a part of this city as well with delicacies like Dhansak, Patra Na Macchi, Lagan nu custard bringing a smile on Mumbaikars' face. Let's have a look at the special line up of a few restaurants this Navroz. 

1) Gallops, Mahalaxmi


The lavish Parsi New Year menu from August 14 to 25 presents traditional flavours with an innovative twist as each dish on the menu has been curated with an authentic flair - so whether you’re a regular or a first timer wanting to try a traditional Parsi meal; Gallops is a must-visit. 

Raise a toast to good times with a lavish meal of traditional Parsi Bhonu that includes a tantalising array of specialities including traditional non veg delicacies and veg specials too! Whether you’re looking to relish an authentic Parsi cuisine or host a special gathering, head to Gallops for a heart-warming and decadent meal.    

Indulge your taste buds with fish sourced straight from Gujarat, which is one of the signature dishes in the main course- Navsari Ni Boi. Celebrations are incomplete without the much coveted Parsi dish-Pesu Ni Patra Ni Machhli among other specialties. Another popular Parsi dish is the Faredoon Na Farcha, fried crispy chicken and Aflatoon Akuri which is a definite must have.

The menu also includes a grand and scrumptious feast for the Vegetarians. With  Topli Nu Paneer which is Ricotta like smooth cottage cheese dumplings floating in salted brine. There’s also Sorabji’s Soya goes KhattaMitha a legendary khari with a sweet and sour ‘Mock Kheema’for starters and much more. For the mains, timeless and classic, the spread has been made with authentic family recipes. Vegetarians don’t miss out on anything as the dishes are made to give you a non-vegetarian like flavour. Patra Na Paneer which is presented in the banana leaf with a generous layer of green chutney to Secret Dhansak Dal which is thick blended masala blended with traditional vegetables served with Caramelized rice.

End your meal on a sweet note with Udvada Nu Sancha Nu Mango Ice Cream which is Hand churned Mango Ice Cream sourced straight from the Zoroastrian Holy Land- (Gujarat). An age-old favourite is Lovjina Lagan Nu Custard- a Parsi version of the French bread & butter Pudding.

What’s unique about Parsi cuisine is that it is a combination of meat, sea food and mild spices mixed perfectly to make the food incredibly tasty.  

Location:  Inside Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Via Gate No:1, Keshavrao Khadye Marg, Royal Western India Turf Club, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai

2) Hemant Oberoi Restaurant at BKC

Hemant Oberoi Restaurant at BKC has curated a special menu for this festivity. On August 17, 2019, they are offering a lavish Parsi fusion cuisine for brunch which is fit for a king and a queen. The carte du jour is divided as vegetarian and non-vegetarian and a few delicacies will be served common.

 The first course of the meal begins with:

Perushi – Peruvian sushi, Fromagerie-a cheese selection, Thyme and broccoli cappuccino, Tortilla pizza

 The vegetarian menu includes:

Med platter (Humus tahina, tabbouleh, pita bread), Mushrooms butter garlic, brioche, Corn anticuchos, Patra Nu Paneer, Khara Papeta, Veg Pulao, Dal

 The non-vegetarian menu includes:

Cold meat platter (ham, smoked salmon, chicken and olive terrine), Prawns butter garlic, brioche, Chicken anticuchos, Patra ni Macchi, papeta per eddu, Mutton pulao, dal, Sali Margi.

 Finally, to conclude the meal, they will be serving from a selection of the following desserts:

Lagan nu custard, Sev, Sweet curd, and Tiramisu

Location:  5, Ground Floor, Jet Airways Godrej Building, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East

3) Country of Origin (COO)


Celebrate this Navroze with signature desserts from Country of Origin. Usher in the Parsi New Year with COO’s delectable White Chocolate, Hazelnut Ni-Boi and Traditional Ravo which surely will delight your taste buds.

On this one special day of Parsi New Year, when the Parsi community pays tribute to family ties and togetherness, what can be a better way to celebrate Navroz than over scrumptious handcrafted specialities by Kiran Salaskar from Country of Origin.

Location: Malabar Hill, Lower Parel, Bandra, Juhu

4) SodaBottleOpenerWala

ts Navroze and SodaBottleOpenerWala is back with yet another Navroze Bhonu! Like every year, this quintessential Bombay Irani Café introduces an all new menu for Bhonu (traditional Parsi meal), with a range of delicious Parsi specialities.

Navroz is scheduled to be celebrated on 17th August. However, SodaBottleOpenerWala plans to commence the feast on the 12th itself and keep it going till 24th August. This will ensure an extended celebration of this auspicious day for the Parsis!

The menu includes a veg and a non-veg bhonu, both comprising of traditional Parsi recipes and flavours. The Vegetarian Bhonu comprises of Gajar Mewa Nu Achar, Saria Papad, Rotli,Veg Russian Pattice, Smoked Brinjal Patio, Veggie kid Gosh and Masala dal along with Veg pulao. The Non-vegetarian Bhonu will showcase the mouth-watering Gajar mewa nu Achar,Saria Papad, Rotli, Fish Pattice, Smoked brinjal patio, Kid Gosh and Masala Masala dal along with Chicken pulao.

One can round off the sumptuous Parsi meal on a sweet note with Irani Falooda and Coconut macaroon crumble with dal ni pori and ice-cream.

12th August to 24th August

12 noon onwards

Cost Navroz Bhonu -  Rs 600 ++ for Veg and Rs- 700 ++ for Non Veg Bhonu 

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