5 natural ways to improve Vitamin D deficiency

You can get vitamin D through your skin, from your diet, and from supplements

5 natural ways to improve Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D plays an important role in normal bone development and maintenance and also plays a role in your nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and immune system.

There are natural ways where you can improve Vitamin D deficiency. In three ways, you can get vitamin D: your skin, diet, and from supplements. Let’s take a look at natural methods such as skin and diet.

Here are 5 ways to improve your vitamin D


When we expose ourselves to sunlight, our body forms vitamin D naturally. However, too much sun exposure can lead to skin aging and skin cancer.

Cereals at breakfast 

If you enjoy having cereal for breakfast, this is good news for you. Cereals are a good source of vitamin D. To boost your vitamin D levels, consume that cereal for breakfast.


Cow's milk is a great source of natural food which helps you to increase your vitamin D levels. Try to include milk in your daily diet.


One of the highest natural sources of vitamin D is eggs. Do not throw away yolk as it contains the vitamin D, so do not forget to include the yolk while consuming it. However, make sure you don't over eat it as eggs are high in cholesterol as well.


For non-vegetarians this option is suitable. Compared to other foods, fish is higher in vitamin D. And as per reports, fatty fish like salmon and tuna by far have the most Vitamin D.

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