Not one or two, chocolate has 7 benefits

Not one or two, chocolate has 7 benefits
Not one or two, chocolate has 7 benefits
Not one or two, chocolate has 7 benefits
Not one or two, chocolate has 7 benefits
Not one or two, chocolate has 7 benefits
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Chocolate is something you can’t describe. You feel it. The word 'chocolate' itself is so soothing that just hearing it relaxed you just now, didn't it? Chocolate is your 3 am a friend, who cuddles with you to hear your woes and does not even complain.

Now, why this sudden gush of affection for chocolate? Simply because 7 July happens to be ‘World Chocolate Day’.

The origin

The sweetness began in Mesoamerica and dates back to 1900 BC when fermented beverages used to be made from cocoa. Originally, it was prepared only as a drink where chocolate was served as a bitter, frothy liquid, mixed with spices, wine, or corn puree. It was then believed that it had aphrodisiac powers which give strength to the drinker. Today, such drinks are also known as ‘Chilate’ (it is a mixture of chocolate, rice, cinnamon, and brown sugar) and is a popular drink in the South of Mexico.

When it came to Europe in the 16th century, sugar was added to it and it went wildly popular. In the 20th century, it was considered essential for soldiers at war. The word ‘chocolate’ comes from the Classical Nahuatl word chocolātl, and got the name from the Spanish language.

7 health benefits of eating chocolate

Eating chocolate is not only limited to its now famous 'feel good' factor but has more to it. It helps to reduce your stress levels and prevents memory loss. Check out these 7 healthy and interesting benefits of eating chocolate.

Heart says thank-you!

Dark chocolate has the ability to restore flexibility to arteries and it also prevents white blood cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels. This prevents from artery clogging.

No heart-attack

A heart attack is considered to be one of the most common reasons for modern day fatalities. Well, you can kind of prevent it by simply eating dark chocolate. If researchers are to be believed, chocolate consumption lowers the risk of a stroke by 17%.

Go skin glowing

We always complain of sunburn and bad skin. But, did you know, that by eating dark chocolate, it protects your skin against the sun, leaving your skin glowing.

 Losing weight was never that easy

The important benefit of eating chocolate is it helps you to lose weight. But, only dark chocolate will do the wonders. The other reason is, according to the researchers, small bites of chocolate prior a meal gives you the feeling of fuller tummy. Start binging now!

Stay happy in pregnancy

Chocolate reduces the stress in expectant mothers and leaves her smiling. It is also loved by the babies who express their love by kicking mummy’s tummy. We kid you not.

Diabetic? Go for dark chocolate!

Diabetes and sweets are two contrasting words but strangely, consumption of dark chocolate might help in delaying the onset of diabetes. It is odd but true.

Eat chocolate and never forget

As people get older, they tend to forget things. Their memory starts diminishing. Here, dark chocolate can do wonders as it helps in reducing memory loss and is also beneficial for memory loss caused by concussion.

Have you begun binging yet?

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