Popular chai joint 'Chai Sutta Bar' opens in Andheri

One can visit the outlet in Andheri West, on the Link Road, and with this launch, the brand 'Chai Sutta Bar' now has a total of 15 franchise outlets.

Popular chai joint 'Chai Sutta Bar' opens in Andheri

Mumbai gets the newest addition to its 'chai' offerings with 'Chai Sutta Bar' which recently opened one more door in the city. The popular Kulhad Chai brand of India has been started with an aim to spread the taste in the most hush-hush suburb of Mumbai. 

Over the last few years, the use of Kulhad in metro cities have become a fad and the brand is focused on adding more love to the culture of the country.

The new joint has opened in the bustling Andheri West popular for its food junctions, cafes, restaurants and nightlife. One can visit the outlet on Link Road, and with this launch, the brand 'Chai Sutta Bar' now has a total of 15 franchise outlets. 

The brand which hails from Madhya Pradesh believes in expanding across all the tiers of the country and wants to give the feeling of having a sip of Chai at the nukkad. With the name, Chai Sutta Bar, the brand aims to provide the same cutting Chai with the luxury of ambience clubbed with taste. COVID-19 safety guidelines are being followed by the brand during the pandemic.

After opening the outlets and tasting success in more than 60 markets, the brand looks forward to expanding the name in 2021 with over 100 outlets in Mumbai in the next few years.

Talking about the same, Anubhav Dubey, Co-founder, Chai Sutta Bar, said, “Mumbai is not just the commercial capital of the country but is also one of the most densely populated cities. The city has the maximum strength of office goers and youth who are keen and passionate about their career. A cup of Chai is wishful thinking for most of them; we believe in reinventing the taste and culture of India by providing a cup of tea in Kulhad and spread the joy of having Chai. The first store of Chai Sutta Bar got awesome response and acceptance from Mumbaikars and hence we planned to expand in the city and touch the taste buds of maximum audience."

The menu of Chai Sutta Bar includes signature Chocolate Chai, Adrak Chai, among many other favourites. Besides this, the brand will follow the motto of serving quality chai as per customer preferences as a  priority.

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