St. George Hospital: Doctor hits a child patient in head

A doctor in St. George Hospital hit a child patient in the head with a flashlight in order to wake him up from sleep

St. George Hospital: Doctor hits a child patient in head

In a recently reported incident, a doctor attacked a child, 6-year-old patient, at Mumbai's St. George Hospital. The doctor hit the child with a flashlight in his head.

Vikhroli’s residence, the 6-year-old Suryansh Gupta was admitted in St. George three days ago due to the trembling in his limbs. On Sunday night, around 12:30, the accused doctor came to check the child upon request, but Suryansh was sleeping. So, the doctor tried to wake him up by hitting him with the flashlight on the child’s head. 

The child had three stitches on his head, but he is stable now. After the incident, Dr Gaurav Maurya was sent on a compulsory leave by the hospital administration. 

Suryansh’s father, Mukeshkumar Gupta, accused the doctor of hitting Suryansh on the right side of his head leading to a huge injury. Further, the father also claimed that to hide this, the doctor put only one stitch instead of three on Suryansh’s head. 

This information was out in public with the help of RTI activist Sanjay Gurav. Gupta had gone to file a complaint with the Mata Ramabai Ambedkar (MRA) Marg Police Station. The officials did not register an FIR, but the complaint was noted only on a paper.

“We complained to the hospital administration about the incident. However, the doctor later apologized for the incident. In addition, the police have only filed an APR in this case. Still, no FIR has been filed,” Suryansh’s father said. 

However, it has now come to notice that the police officials went to the parents with regards to the complaint, but they refused to register any complaints.  

Earlier in the JJ hospital incident, the relatives of another patient assaulted Dr. Atish Parikh after the patient died. Reacting to this, Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) organised a strike demanding the security for the doctors. 

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