Mumbaikars suffering from sore throat due to heatwave

If diagnosis are to be believed, then some people have swelling of the throat as well

Mumbaikars suffering from sore throat due to heatwave

Mumbaikars are getting throat infections after consuming cold drinks to beat the heat causing sore throat like infections. The number of such patients has increased by 50 to 60 percent in the past few days.

The scorching heat has been increasing for the past few days. Due to this, the tendency of citizens towards eating cold food and drinking soft drinks, buttermilk, lassi etc. has increased. Many prefer drinking lassi, buttermilk and other soft drinks as they go out for work in the hot afternoon. But due to this their throat is getting infected. It is clear in the diagnosis that some people also have swelling of the throat.

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Many people have increased cholestasis due to summer. Often the increase in bile increases the pain in the throat. Consuming bile and cold drinks has increased the inflammation of the throat. Dr. Dheerajkumar Nemade said that one has to face the symptoms of fever, difficulty in eating due to throat infection. 

Due to the large number of under-construction buildings, dust has spread in the atmosphere. Apart from this, the traffic of vehicles has added to the air pollution. Due to the dust there is a possibility of infection in the throat of citizens.

Care to be taken

  • Avoid drinking cold drinks
  • Avoid walking in the afternoon sun
  • Drink room temperature water
  • Carry water when go outside 
  • Use a mask
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