Water's the best way to cure piles!

    Grant Road
    Water's the best way to cure piles!
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    Grant Road- "Water is best to treat piles", said Dr. Pravin Gore, in a speech delivered at Bhatiya hospital on Friday.

    What are piles? What are its symptoms? At what age can one suffer from it? What precautions should one take to prevent it? All these questions were answered during his seminar. According to Dr. Gore, piles can happen to a 6 month old baby as well as a senior citizen, and it can be treated simply by drinking enough water.
    Piles affects a large part of the population worldwide but even today, despite so many achievements in health care,  people struggle with the pain and discomfort that piles brings in its wake. In order to deal with piles, it’s imperative that we understand why it happens. This will not only help you to find out why piles has paid you a visit, but will also help you speed up the healing process. Also, early detection helps control the condition before too much damage is done.

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