MHADA recovers 80 lakhs

MHADA recovers 80 lakhs

Mumbai- As non-conveyance MHADA societies are accepting the pending service tax in the form of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 denominations, many turned up to pay the same. Due to which, MHADA has collected Rs. 79 lakhs and 61 thousand in two days and this will be on 24th November.

Recovery of service tax in two days

Sion – Rs. 19 lakhs and 65 thousand
Dharavi- Rs. 11 lakhs
Chembur- Rs. 7 lakhs
Mulund- Rs. 27 lakhs and 58 thousand
Ghatkopar- Rs. 1 lakhs and 50 thousand
Kurla - Rs. 3 lakh


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