Norway youngsters construct toilets for women

Norway youngsters construct toilets for women
Tardeo, Mumbai  -  

The Nation is abuzz with the Swach Bharat abhiyaan for some time now, but many people across the country still do not have access to toilets, especially women. Even women avoid public toilets due to the ill hygiene and security issues.

But Tardeo was in for a surprise as youngsters from Norway have taken up the mantle to build toilets for women.

Mumbai Live spoke to the local corporator Arundhati Dhudhwadkar.

These youngsters are volunteers of 'Back in the Ring'. This project was a result of their observation about how women in Mumbai do not have enough access to washrooms. Especially those staying in slums. The ratio of available toilets to the population is heavily skewed.

Hence theses youngsters took up the challenge and started the construction of this toilet block all by themselves. The work has not been handed over to the BMC. Taking congnizance of their good work, the local Shiv Sena shakha felicitates these youngsters and also gifted them the 'Bhagwat Geeta'.

This Toilet will be ready for use by April.

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