Over 90 buildings in Mumbai flout fire safety regulations; notice sent to conduct necessary repairs

Over 90 buildings in Mumbai flout fire safety regulations; notice sent to conduct necessary repairs

Several fire incidents were reported in the city over the last few weeks, and the officials have noted that the buildings have not followed the fire safety rules as directed by the concerned department. Following up on the same, the Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB) recently took necessary measures and sent notices to over 90 residential buildings in Mumbai as they have been identified for non-compliance in the respective properties.

The decision to send the notices was taken to ensure the authorities in the buildings follow the rules on a mandatory basis and a team was recently deployed to pay the visits for inspection. This method used to identify the issues proved to be successful as non-compliance was reported in several high-rise buildings. 

A time period of 120 days has been given to the buildings to conduct the repairs, the work for which should begin in the next 30 days, as per the Maharashtra Fire Act, failing which, the officials have been informed to take strict action. 

Quoting the Chief Fire Officer, Hemant Parab, Hindustan Times reported, “After visiting the buildings, our officials inspect the fire systems and if they find any issue in them, they give them a deadline to resolve it. Even though the maximum number of days for solving the issue is four months, we start to take prohibitory action if the repair works do not start within one month after the notice is served. Some of the buildings have faulty boosters and some have defunct sprinklers. Many of these issues could be resolved within weeks and do not take four months’ time. If we find that there is an unnecessary delay, then we will be cutting the water and electricity supply of these buildings.”

Societies have to inform the department in advance if they are not able to begin the repair work on time and as directed. Though the regulations have been present, societies have not been following them, and hence pushing the same at an aggressive level is important.

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