MHADA's official usurps tenant's house, alleges transit camp association's president

Abhijit Pethe alleged that then MRCB official Shraddha Kutappan illegally transferred original beneficiary's house in her daughter's name

MHADA's official usurps tenant's house, alleges transit camp association's president

A lot of times, the state government carries out different policies in health, education, house and farming sector for the betterment of the public. But, at times, it doesn't reach out to the original beneficiary but the officers themselves misuse the policies and hence it doesn't reach out to the common man.

The same thing has happened in MHADA where Transit Camp Association's president Abhijeet Pethe has alleged that Mumbai Repair and Reconstruction Board (MRRB) official's daughter got a home from a master list, even though she was not an original beneficiary.

According to Pethe, MHADA's MRRB official Shraddha Kuttapan's daughter Pragati Raju Kutappan got a home in Sion-Matunga MHADA building.

Pethe added that original tenant was Jayram Pendse but the house was transferred in the name of Pragati Kuttapan.

People who are resident of CESS buildings- buildings which are very old- stay as a tenant in transit camps. MRRB then provide houses to such tenants from a master list of houses.

As per the procedure, the original tenant gets the house but if he is passed away then his heir gets the house, who has to complete the formalities by submitting succession certificate to the board.

Despite the present tenant, the house was transferred to Pragati Kutappan. Currently, Pragati's mother Shraddha Kutappan is associated with MHADA but when original tenant Pendse's house was transferred to Pragati Kutappan, her mother Shraddha was associated with MHADA's MRRB.

Pethe has alleged that Shraddha Kutappan transferred the house in her daughter's name.

It is not yet legal to sell or buy a house from a tenant but Pragati Kutappan did not follow the rule and she herself forged the papers of the same. I have filed a complaint with housing department against Shraddha Kuttapan," Abhijit Pethe, president, Transit Camp Association.