Vanvas ends for Mill Workers!!

    Mumbai  -  

    Mumbai-After waiting for 14 years, mill workers finally got the possession of the houses that were rightfully theirs.

    The place where the tower is built at Parel, which a prime property, was their home near the mills in which they used to work. In the year 2003 when the mills shut down, the mill workers were thrown out from that premises. Workers were jobless and they even lost their shelter. One of the worker Arun Kamble didn’t lose hope and started his legal battle against the mill owners. Kamble approached National Textile Corporation Limited against the mill owner.
    As per the act for mill workers, all those who lived in the mill premises till 2001 should have been given permanent houses, instead, the builder forcibly threw them out.
    The coordination committee took serious note to this and ordered that the possession should be given immediately at Sitaram Mill Foundation.
    Like Kamble there are many more mill workers who still seek justice but they will have to take encouragement from Arun Kamble and stake claim to the homes.


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