Arise your own energy


Mumbai - Chadipath during Navratri is a part of our traditional heritage .Navratri is synonymous with Shakti Upasana ie worship of strength.Shakti uapasna is also directly related to victory .According to the scriptures Prabhu Ramchandra also worshiped goddess Durga to get formula of victory . During shardiya navratri ie navratri in autumn , he started chandipth on the 3rd day and on 10th day ie on dassera he defeated Raavan and his army of 72 crore. 700 shlokas of chandipath are the example of how sound energy creates positivity in us and creates unique strength to fight all the odds . Every mantra of chandipath has 14 components -rishi , devta ,beej shakti , mahavidya , gun , dyanendriya ,ras , karmendriya swar , tatva , akla , utkilan and mudra .Chandipath is not about worshipng some idol but arousing your own inner energy and circulating it within you