Beat the heat! Drink buttermilk, coconut water in summer and avoid health issues

Coconut water is an elixir to prevent the risk of heatstroke

Beat the heat! Drink buttermilk, coconut water in summer and avoid health issues

Excess heat is a cause of indigestion. Apart from the heat of the sun, heat association (staying near extreme heat) mentioned in Ayurvedic texts also causes heat stroke and digestion issues. In today's modern life, there are many professions, there are many jobs, in which the person has to work in extreme heat for long periods of time. 

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To avoid the risk of heat stroke, take these precautions 

- The most important thing is to drink a lot of water. A lot means how much, so drink a glass of water every 20-30 minutes or drink a glass of water continuously every two to four minutes. Especially in the sun or when exposed to heat. 

- Coconut water is an elixir to prevent the risk of heatstroke or heat build-up in the body.

- Drink at least one fruit juice a day, especially cold-flavoured fruit. Like, watermelon, Pomegranate, Amla, etc. (Amla is the coldest)

- Drink the syrup of saffron, lemon, rose, amla, kokum, curry leaves.

- Soak vegetables in water and eat them three-four times a day. A natural remedy for cooling the body. One should take occasional breaks from work without continuous work, one should work alternately instead of working for long periods of time.

- According to Sushruta Samhita, all the dangers of sun (heat) are avoided or destroyed by going into the shade.

- Sit in a cool environment, under a fan, preferably in the shade while relaxing. This instruction should be followed more carefully by those who have to wear special protective clothing (suits). Sitting in the shade reduces body inflammation, reduces body heat, reduces thirst and perspiration, eliminates dizziness and darkness before the eyes and overall rejuvenates the body.

- Avoid tight-fitting clothes and use light cotton (cotton) clothes, avoid dark coloured clothes and use pale coloured clothes.

- It is also definitely beneficial to dip your feet in cold water occasionally while working or if not possible after going home (if possible add two teaspoons of sand powder in that water).

- Drinks that increase heat in the body should be carefully avoided. Like- tea, coffee, cocoa, soft drinks (cold drinks), beer, alcohol (according to Ayurveda, all types of alcohol increase heat in the body as they are choleretic).

- Ayurveda advises to drink cold milk after coming out of the sun. Milk should also be drunk sitting in the shade for some time.

- Increase the consumption of cooling foods in the diet. Like- milk, butter, ghee, coconut water, rose water, rice, ragi, sorghum, moong, matki, tur, lentil, peas, cold vegetables and cold fruits should be increased.

- Increase the consumption of fruits that provide cooling and water to the body, like cucumber, watermelon, banana, grapes, cilantro, pear, apple, etc.

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