Here's a digital boon for vintage stamp and coin collectors


Do you know that the Rs 5 coin has 280 different designs? Nor did we until the 27 year old PR consultant Prajakta Kunte informed us about the same. Prajakta has managed to collect only 58 designs by now and is aspiring to have all designs in kitty soon. So is Abhilash Bhaskar, a corporate professsional who is also big fan of currency notes from the bygone era.

Collecting vintage coins and notes is a passion which growing day by day . From time to time exhibitions are organised where rare coins and currency notes are displayed and these exhibitions get huge response from collectors, traders and people interested n chronicling history. In this digital era now coins and currency collectors have a digital platform with sites like mintageworld which aspires to create interest within commoners, students, scholars, collectors, dealers, investors, buyers & sellers. It brings together experts and researchers to share their experience with the lovers of these rare collectibles

"These sites are a wonderful way to educate the contemporary world about the rich global historical heritage, tradition & culture. This online medium imparts rare information such as detailed catalogs of stamps, coins and currency notes from worldwide all under one also helps people who are interested in trading to understand value of their collection and find appropriate market," said Sushil Agrawal, CEO, Minitageworld.

What do you have to say about this initiative? Would you like to start a new hobby? Give it a try...

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