Do not miss these 5 hilarious Indian video tracks

Do not miss these 5 hilarious Indian video tracks

Songs can make your day. But some songs become an earworm for all the wrong reasons. We have been tripping on these weird songs for a while and see no reason why we should not share them with you. 

1) Sunday morning love you- Bhim Niroula
Suffering from Monday blues? Just lend an ear to superstar’s Bhim Niroula’s ‘Sunday Morning Love You’ and everything will be just fine. Trust us. 

2) Vennu Mallesh - It's My Life What Ever I Wanna Do
You love taking charge of your life but you lack motivation. Worry not, listen to this song and you will get motivation.
PS- Don’t blame us if you keep humming this song for a week.

3) D4NNY - Goodbye (Official Music Video)
Break up kiska nahi hota yaar. But, this particular song will help you grieve. Literally, you will end up in tears (pun intended)

4) Desi Spiderman official song - SPIDERMAN SPOOF
No, this song is not an official song of Spider-Man..but a hilarious spoof you should not miss! You will end up grooving to the song.

5) 'Ek Galti' by Shivam SINGH
Don't go blaming us if say ‘galti kardi yaar’ after watching this video. But, if you looking for some fun and want to laugh out loud, do not miss this song.

There, haven't we made your day already?

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