Wallet-friendly, smart, indoor camera - EZVIZ C6N

Wallet-friendly, smart, indoor camera - EZVIZ C6N

EZVIZ is a global smart home security brand. To strengthen its portfolio the company has recently launched its flagship product, the C6N. EZVIZ C6N Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera in India. It is a feature-rich indoor camera that can improve security inside any home or office security. It can also be installed to keep a keen eye on the pets or kids. One can easily place it on the countertop. There is also an option to mount it on the ceiling or a wall. However, you need to have a drilling machine for the same and may need someone to help place it securely.

EZVIZ C6N Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera comes equipped with a Smart IR function, which uses advanced infrared (IR) lighting to capture more details in dim light. The 360-degree field of view and smart tracking function is pretty nifty too.

The camera is easy to set up. There is an app that guides you through the process and it is extremely straightforward. One will have to create an account with EZVIZ and just follow the step by step process. 

The camera even lets you lock on to an intruder and follow their movements. This means that if there is an alleged crime nearby then you can potentially capturing more complete footage. One can opt for motion detection alerts from the mobile app and the camera boasts of great night vision. However, most night footage in dull lighting lacks depth, which may make it difficult to gauge the identity of the person.

Although it does not detect audio events, you can listen in on the environment and engage in two-way conversations with the help of an onboard mic in the front of the unit and a speaker in the back. When you’re home, you can activate a privacy shutter to cover the lens. In that sense, the camera takes care of your privacy.  Just one tap on your EZVIZ mobile app allows you to turn on/off the lens and enables sleep mode giving you privacy whenever required. 

EZVIZ C6N Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera comes with MicroSD card (up to 256GB) and there is also an option to use the cloud (using EZVIZ CloudPlay) storage. There are various plans to subscribe to in regards to cloud storage. The footage is stored in 1080p so one is able to get almost 7 days of footage on the microSD card. The app is easy to use and one can review the recording easily.

Priced at INR 2,370 it is a wallet-friendly indoor camera with a wide range of functions. 

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